Progress: 19th July 2010


A great meeting with Katy Daniells (our Logistics coordinator) this morning to get things on track! Here’s a summary of the past week and what’s in planning for this week:

Rider Update: At last count, there were 23 confirmed riders (including Raz, Robbie & I) for the Sydney -> NT journey!

Visits: Raz & I visited Love Motorcycles to secure Alon’s services to service the bikes when we return from the trip! On the way home we dropped in on the lovely folks at Kenma (Ventura Luggage & Grypp Tyre repair kits) for a quick chat and discussion about the ride.

Promotional material: The flyers have been printed and we’ll be distributing them to bike clubs and bike shops over the next few days. We’ve also had a write-up on the website.

Visits: On Wed 21st July Riding4acause will be guests at the Castle Hill Ulysses monthly meeting to share our story and spruik the ride, Initial interest has been great so far!

Until next time,

– Andrew