Progress Check


The week has started off well, and there’s a lot to keep working on this week.

Rider update: As well as the 3 of us, we now have 4 additional riders: Garry, Allan, Robert and Micha! All are keen supporters of the cause and the ride. Micha will also be coming along as a photographer/videographer.

Upcoming Gigs: We’ve been invited to address the next Monthly meeting of the Hills Branch Ulysses club on July 21st – all of us are stoked to be able to present this to such an audience. From initial discussions, there is a surprising show of interest in both joining the ride and donating to the Black Dog Institute.

Promotional material: This week sees us working closer with Paul from The Printing Company to help print some flyers as well as creating some t-shirts. We’ll keep you posted on the designs and outcome of both of these items.

Launch event: We’re finalising the Breakfast send-off ride from the Deus Ex Machina in Camperdown on 5th September. If you’re going to be there, please let us know!


— Andrew