Sponsors, planning, timing. It’s coming together!


One more milestone reached! Yesterday I rode to meet Peter Lucas from Kenma. What a pleasant experience! I merely popped in to say G’day, and meet our new sponsor…

I left there with a BIG smile on my face, as well as a Ventura rack and bag; a tank bag, & 3 puncture repair kits. I’ve learned that there are many (too quiet) supporters out there, and that gave me a reinforced belief that what we’re doing is essential!

On the way home I stopped at the post office to find a parcel from Strike waiting for me. It contained a new GPS and a Scala Rider (bluetooth communications between riders, which also works with mobile phones, and the GPS). I was just so happy I had the Ventura bag to fit the parcel in!

Today Andrew and I caught up to:

  • Finalize our itinerary (to be published in the next day or so). We were planning where to stop and why (i.e. why would we stay in place X instead of Y?), weighing up camping vs. cabins (logistics, weight, equipment, and laziness ) and debating whether to do a side-trip to Yulara (Uluru). We’re still discussing this one.
  • Work through the group ride rules
  • Update the website (being done as this is being read)
  • Discussing various options on how the trip will pan out.

As we were sitting at Blip Coffee (Rushcutters Bay), we received an email from Jaselyn, our lovely PR girl, From (ParkYoung Strategy & communications, Melbourne) with our well-crafted PR and Media plan. Did you know June 14-20th is Men’s Health week? No, then head on over to http://menshealthweek.com.au/ for more information! We’re going for a “soft” launch this week and more PR activities over the next few weeks.

Later today I received another email from Steve Andrews (Black Dog Ride) to let us know that Matthew Johnston (a creative consultant for the Black Dog Institute and the author of I Had a Black Dog and Living With a Black Dog), showing his support, and offering to help out – I’m sure he’ll be able to help!

A very eventful day – what will tomorrow bring??