Robbie’s Ready!!!

Black Dog Ride 2010

So after a number of days of getting my bike prepped up, I’m ready to go!!! This has been a serious overhaul. New tyres, (front and back), new brake pads, full service, new seat, new headlight, luggage rack and new kick arse alarm (Thanks to Kenma Motorcycles)! And on top that, I have finally bought some wet weather gear and a full face helmet (You don’t want a rock hitting you in the face at 100kms / hr!!!).

I’m super pumped for this ride and can’t wait to get rolling. I always find it fun to be riding with a bunch of guys, there is a very primal feeling about it.

A good friend of mine once said that it is something that we have always done; either gone hunting in a pack as cavemen, riding on horses in a posse or riding on motorbikes. It is something that is deeply entrenched within us, and I strongly agree. In many ways it is a release of the pressures we have in our day to day life, and something that most human beings are doing less and less of these days. And probably something we should be trying to do more of.

As always, trips like these are going to be full of discovery. Whether it is visiting places I have never been to, or hanging out 24/7 for a week with guys that I have not spent more than an hour with in the past!

Looking forward to, watch this space for more info!!!!