Male depression affects 1 in 8 men worldwide and it impacts their families, friends and colleagues – daily!

Male Depression is enabled by silence and ignorance. Male Depression has a number of different symptoms than depression in women, and is very difficult to self-diagnose. The Riding4aCause team are riding motorcycles to proactively bring Male Depression out into the open, in effort to remove the veil of silence, and get men to SPEAK UP!

By shedding light on male depression, it is our aim is to tackle the unique difficulties it presents head-on. We want men to know it is OK to talk about the stresses in their life and what challenges them. Riding4acause is promoted across a variety of social media platforms to encourage discussion about male depression and to remove the stigma that’s associated with mental health disorders.

This ride is a symbol of camaraderie; hope and fun: things that depression sufferers need.

The goals of our rides are simple:

  • To have fun
  • To raise awareness of Male Depression
  • To change Male behaviour to depression

Are you with us?